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Exquisite Vintage Art Deco Green Quartz Dangle Earrings


Our handcrafted vintage Art Deco green quartz 18-karat gold dangle earrings feature a captivating green quartz gem, elegantly suspended from an intricate Art Deco diamond pattern, made with a total of 30 double-cut diamonds finely set on silver. A testament to both vintage elegance and contemporary charm.


Green Quartz's Luminous Beauty: The green quartz gems take center stage, exuding a soothing and captivating allure with their entrancing green hue.


Art Deco Opulence: The Art Deco gemometric diamond pattern pays homage to an era celebrated for its artistic sophistication and enduring beauty.


Diamond Brilliance: Thirty double-cut diamonds embellish each earring, creating a mesmerizing display of light and luxury, adding an extra layer of opulence.


Timeless Elegance: These dangle earrings seamlessly blend vintage charm with modern style, suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions. The intricate Art Deco design transforms these earrings into pieces of wearable art, elevating them to a status of true vintage opulence.




Stones: Green quartz and 30 double-cut diamonds 

Metal: 18-karat gold 

Art Deco Green Quartz Dangle

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