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Exquisite Art Deco Style Pearl Stud Earrings


Discover the timeless allure of our handcrafted Art Deco style 18-karat gold pearl stud earrings. Each earring showcases a lustrous pearl, encircled by a chic square composed of 20 double-cut diamonds finely set on silver. Inspired by the classic angular and geometric Art Deco style, these earrings seamlessly bridge the past and present, making them the perfect choice for a modern and professional look.


Pearl's Timeless Beauty: The smooth, lustrous pearls offer a classic elegance and understated grace.


Art Deco Sophistication: The angular and geometric Art Deco style design pays homage to an era known for its modernity and enduring charm.


Diamond Brilliance: Each earring features a square adorned with 20 double-cut diamonds, creating a mesmerizing play of light and capturing the essence of Art Deco opulence.


Modern Professionalism: These pearl stud earrings effortlessly blend classic Art Deco design with contemporary style, making them suitable for everyday elegance and formal occasions.




Stones: Pearl and 20 double-cut diamonds each

Metal: 18-karat gold


Art Deco Pearl Stud Earrings

$400.00 Regular Price
$340.00Sale Price
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