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Our handcrafted vintage 18-karat gold flower-shaped diamond stud earrings thoughtfully craft 22 double-cut diamonds into a captivating floral design. 


Floral Elegance: The intricate flower-shaped design pays homage to the beauty of nature, with each diamond petal contributing to the exquisite charm of these earrings.


Diamond Brilliance: Twenty-two double-cut diamonds finely set on silver add a captivating play of light, illuminating these earrings with an enduring sparkle that dances with every movement.


Timeless Design: These stud earrings are a testament to enduring beauty, reflecting the craftsmanship of the past and their timeless appeal, making them suitable for every occasion.




Stones: 22 doublt-cut diamonds 

Metal: 18-karat gold 

Diamond Flower Studs

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