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Vintage Style Onyx, Coral, and Diamond Dangle Earrings


Our handcrafted vintage style onyx and coral dangle earrings. Each earring is a masterpiece, featuring a base of sleek black onyx adorned with two intricately carved coral roses, elegantly accented by delicate diamond leaf details. All of this is embraced by the luxury of 18-karat gold, making these earrings a true vintage beauty.


Onyx Elegance: The smooth black onyx serves as the perfect canvas for these remarkable earrings, offering a striking backdrop to the captivating coral and diamond details.


Coral Roses: Two coral roses grace each earring, adding a touch of nature's beauty to this exquisite piece of jewelry. The meticulous carving of these roses adds depth and dimension to the design, making each earring a work of art.


Diamond Brilliance: A total of 10 double-cut diamonds adorn these earrings, glistening like dewdrops on the coral roses. The diamond leaf details accentuate the natural beauty of the coral, creating a stunning interplay of light and color.




Stones: Onyx, Coral, and 10 double-cut diamonds 

Metal: 18-karat gold 

Onyx Coral Dangle

$700.00 Regular Price
$665.00Sale Price
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