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Exquisite Vintage Art Nouveau Opal and 18-Karat Gold Dangle Earrings


Our handcrafted vintage Art Nouveau opal and 18-karat gold dangle earrings. This unique pair features two enchanting opals, each embraced by a delicate Art Nouveau leaf design composed of fourteen double-cut diamonds. The combination of opals and diamonds in these earrings is a testament to vintage sophistication and artistic grace.


Opal's Ethereal Beauty: The two opals take center stage, radiating an otherworldly play of colors, captivating the beholder with their mesmerizing charm.


Art Nouveau Opulence: The intricate leaf design pays homage to the Art Nouveau era, known for its nature-inspired aesthetics and enduring beauty. The intricate design elements enhance the earrings, elevating them to the status of true wearable art that captures the essence of the Art Nouveau era.


Diamond Brilliance: Fourteen double-cut diamonds embellish each earring, creating a captivating play of light and luxury, adding an extra layer of opulence to these vintage masterpieces.




Stones: Opals and 14 double-cut diamonds 

Metal: 18-karat gold 

Opal Leaf Dangle

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