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18k Gold Turquoise and Diamond Dangle Earrings


Our handcrafted 18-karat gold, turquoise, and diamond dangle earrings each showcase two vibrant Persian blue turquoise cabochons, linked by an intricate Art Deco-style diamond junction embellished with a total of 14 double-cut diamonds finely set on silver. These earrings offer a striking, eye-catching look suitable for special occasions or daily wear.


Turquoise's Radiant Hue: The bright blue Persian-colored turquoise cabochons are the heart of these earrings, radiating a vivid and captivating allure.


Art Deco Elegance: The unique Art Deco-style diamond junction is a nod to a glamorous era of design, adding an element of vintage elegance to this contemporary piece.


A Statement of Distinction: These earrings make a statement that demands attention, with their unique blend of turquoise, diamonds, and gold, they become an emblem of your distinctive style.


Crafted to Perfection: The meticulous craftsmanship by skilled goldsmith hands is evident in the mesmerizing diamond junction, which transforms these earrings into wearable works of art.




Stones: Turquoise and 14 double-cut diamonds

Metal: 18-karat gold 

Turquiose Dangle

$400.00 Regular Price
$340.00Sale Price
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